Know Your Insurance

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Navigating your health insurance policy can be tricky. Here are some common questions and answers about your coverage.
How do I locate a doctor that will take my insurance?

  • Most insurance websites will have a provider directory.
  • Contact the health care provider to find out if they are accepting new patients.
  • Look online to see if you can find any reviews for the provider you are considering.

How do I get my prescriptions?

  • Your insurer’s website should have a list of prescriptions covered by your plan.
  • Check your Summary of Benefits and Coverage if there is not a list published online.
  • Call your insurer directly if you have any other coverage questions.
  • Some health plans may require you to get your medicine from an “in-network pharmacy.”
  • You may also be eligible to have your prescriptions delivered by mail.

What do I do in an emergency?

  • If it is a true medical emergency, go straight to the hospital! Insurance companies can’t require prior approval before emergency treatment, even if it is outside your plan’s network.
  • For medical issues that need immediate care, but are not necessarily life-threatening, you may have access to care centers that can see you as a walk-in patient even if it is after normal office hours.
  • Any treatment may be subject to a deductible that you must pay, but your insurance provider can’t require you to pay more for emergency care from an out-of-network hospital.

Call 911 or go straight to the nearest hospital in case of a medical emergency!

What preventative health services do I have access to?

  • Most health plans will cover preventative medicine such as immunizations and screenings at little or no cost to you.
  • It is important that you utilize a network provider for these services if you would like them covered.