My name is Julia Merrill, and I am a retired board certified nurse practitioner. In my many years in the medical field, I experienced the challenges that a lot of my patients came across when dealing with their medical care. I made it my goal to bridge the gap between those who receive care and those who provide it.
One of the biggest things I have learned is that doctors are human. They may not always know the answers to what is ailing their patients. That is why it is so important for the patient to be concise, honest, and organized when seeking treatment. I would like to share some tips that I have developed to help you be your own advocate in seeking medical care, dealing with insurance companies, and how to make sure you are contributing to your own health and well-being. My advice to you?

Befriend Your Doc!


This website is not intended to replace medical treatment or advice. If you have any questions related to your health, please contact your physician.